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Oasis 2064
Book One of The Saga of Despair and Hope


What if the predicted natural disasters resulting from climate change become a reality? Would humanity be able to meet these challenges?  The saga begins in 2064, following a series of natural catastrophes that cause death, destitution, and the collapse of social systems.


James Callahan is a sustainable community developer whose adventures take him across the country. In the eastern United States, he witnesses horrors afflicted by the Illuminati.  In California, he experiences the Chinese government attempt to take control. Meanwhile, central states collaborate to maintain their freedom.


As the first book in the saga, this novel reveals the emergence of Oasis, a sustainable community of people with complementary abilities. They succeed in building a harmonious society as they actively engage in the unfolding events—discovering what it takes to survive and create a cohesive community where people help each other instead of hinder. In a world ravaged by natural disasters and overrun with human-made atrocities, Oasis is a beacon of light.



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